Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Messing with the Boston Herald Red Sox forum

I started messing with the people on the Boston Herald forum last summer/fall for kicks, and they demonstrated that few of them have any sense of humor. I don't know why I wasted my effort again, but I was bored last night and started a few threads under the screen name "kevinmillarfan" mainly because while I am iffy about Millar, I think it's goofy how every one of those dopes needs to start a separate thread about how bad he sucks. None of them were terribly nice to me, given that I was posting as a 9 year old...




and a response here:


sorry i didn't make them into hot links but I already forgot the lesson that www.dantobindantobin.com gave me and am too tired to look it up.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Awesomest Rock Video Cliche Ever...

Is the whole "we're rocking so hard we've got to shoot this part in slow motion."

I saw this in the new Kelly Clarkson video, and it's been in a million before that.

Is this kind of like what people said about Bruce Lee -- that he was so awesome at kung fu and so fast that they had to slow the camera down to actually see his movements?

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Best Things Ever on TV

The last 8 games of the Red Sox 2004 post season were the best things I have ever watched on TV.

Right now I'm wondering if the Patriots 2001 or perhaps 2004-05 post season runs are in second place, or if that spot is now occupied by Season 4 of 24.

OK, all the sports can be filed under "nonfiction," with 24 in as fiction in the top spot. Undeclared, Cheers, 90210, and the Sopranos can battle it out for spots two and three.

Years from now my grandchildren may ask me where I was during these events, and I will smile and tell them, "On my couch...."

Two Things You Don't Know

1) Hollywood is not run by Jews. It's run by the ex-residents of Walpole, Mass., although at least one of these people is Jewish. Apparently you can't get a deal done in Hollyweird if you don't introduce yourself as a "friend of Joe [Morgan]."

2) Green Day is now bigger in New England than Aerosmith. I know. It's terrible, but I listened to many hours of the radio in NE this weekend, and heard more Green Day than anything else, with Pearl Jam a close second. Not a single Aerosmith song. I may run for state gov'nor up there, with a platform of shutting down stations that don't play at least one Aerosmith song every hour.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

24 Comes to Newton

After watching "24" the other night, it stuck me that they often refer to CTU as "CTU Los Angeles," which to me infers that there is more than one CTU out there.

Given that the show is pretty popular, I was thinking they could have a spinoff with "CTU: Newton, Mass."

Here is is a sample of what could happen. MaybeMr. Tobincould pass it on to some of his buddies in Hollyweird and get me a big money contract.

Settin: CTU Newton headquarters, located right next to the Star Market in Newtonville.

Tom O'Doulihan, CTU Newton Director: People, we've go a situation heah. Ouah intel chattah indicates that Al-Qaida is planning to kidnap the Mayuh of Newton while he attends a Newton Youth Soccah game. Luckily, Jack Bauah from CTU Los Angeles is in the area, so he'll be helping out as we try to stop the hit on the mayuh.

A secretary: Sir, we have Jack Bauah on the phone, I'll put him on speakah.

Jack: I'm two blocks away from Bill's Pizza. Are the tactical teams in place?

O'Doulihan: Jack, theah about two minutes away.

Jack: Dammit Tom, we're running out of time! I'm going to have to pick up our lunch myself!

O'Doulihan: Jack, theah's no way youah going to be able to carry all the soda's youahself!


Ok, cut to Cold Springs Park, where the Mayor is watching a Newton Youth Soccer game.

Jack: I don't see any terrorists here. Somethings not right. (call's CTU Newton HQ)

Guys, check the intel chatter again. I think the soccer game may have been a diversion.

O'Doulihan: Oh my god Jack, youah right! The real tahget is....the Chesnut Hill Mall!


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Just Can't Hate Dan Tobin...

... for three reasons. I was thinking of switching my blog from all Wilco's "Being There" to all hating Tobin, but these three facts have kept me from doing so.

1) His Chuck D impression is really, really good.
2) I'm listening to some Ventures music he copied for me, and about 800+ songs in my iTunes library comes from his.
3) He came all the way from Hollyweird to my wedding in Nova Scotia (I'm half Canadian, by marriage), and danced in not one, but two different cumberbuns simultanously, a feet which had not been previously attempted -- much less achieved successfully -- in North America to my knowledge.

Plus he keeps plugging my blog. I'd do the same if I wasn't too stupid to be able to figure out how to make a hypertext link.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Why Wilco's "Being There" Is So Awesome

....because it combines several elements of music in a cocktail that has been mixed both before and since, but perhaps not as well, or quite the same way.

It uses country, which many people profess to hate, but most folks, especially little boys, grew up with in some way or another through watching westerns or other outdoorsy flicks.

And mixes it with some really trashy rock that that sounds like it was written specifically to be played at a roller skating rink in the mid 1980s.

And adds just enough hip, druggy "alt" to make it feel contemporary.

That's why it's so awesome.