Thursday, October 19, 2006

WTF, Rolling Stoned? Part 2

I know, the last post was like a cliffhanger, with all four people that read this blog wondering "what's going to happen?" Will Rollingstone EVER post the review to the new Lemonheads disc? Or are we supposed to pretend that we haven't heard "Big Gay Heart" before?

Well, wait no more!

I went to their site today, and the review of "Come on Feel" is no longer on the main page. But if you click on "more reviews," and then click to the next page after that, you do get to the review of the new self titled disc.

I guess the ending was kind of anti-climactic...yes, the review is posted...but you have to click a few times to get there...and they only get 2 + 1/2 stars.

Sorry if I blew this out of proportion.


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