Thursday, May 11, 2006

All the Celebrities I've Met, Part 2

I met Jerry Glanville at a dive bar named Whitey's around the corner from my old apartment in Arlington, Va. He was in town to call a Redskins/49ers game, I believe. Anyway, at the time (98 or 99) I was unfamiliar with him other than being aware that he had been Bill Goldberg's coach when he was with the Falcons (my friend Crotch who is a big sports fan recognized him immediately).

I asked him what he had thought of Goldberg as a footballer, and he said that he didn't know, because Goldberg always seemed to be hurt. He also did this weird thing where he sort of backhanded me in the chest a few times...less like Ric Flair chopping and more like you'd pat someone on the back. Later on, after a few more beers I was having trouble working the newly installed electric eye thing on the bathroom sink, and Glanville came over and helped me out, and then backhanded me again.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

F--- Daily Kos

First of all, WTF is with the title? Is it like "Chaos?" Or like a KO in boxing? Or a play on the guy's name? Markos? Kos? Very cute.

I've never read the site...though I've seen plenty of stupid references to it by other losers in the media who think that associating with a blog makes them hip...kind of like when music reporters wore berets and called people "cat."

Anyway, I haven't been reading the Washington Post's "Outlook" section lately because the daily news is depressing enough without having to analyze it, but picked it up on a whim on Sunday. Boy, was that a mistake.

The tool who writes Daily Kos wrote a stupid column about how Hillary Clinton is unelectable.

First off, kudos to Kos for the idea. Very nice. Very original. Way to pick up on the not-so-subliminal message broadcast on Fox News around the clock.

Second, don't ever call someone unelectable, then hold up Howard Dean as your ideal. I'm not trying to knock Howard Dean, and I admire his, ah, individuality. But to call Hillary Clinton unelectable, and then blather on about Howard Dean is kind of like .... well, I don't need to patronize you. It's foolish.

Third, saying that Bill Clinton wrecked the Democratic Party is kind of like saying that Terry Francona wrecked the Red Sox. Yeah, there's a lot that you or I would do differently, but Clinton was a heck of a lot more successful than most other Dems have been probably since LBJ, and I don't feel like I'm going out on a limb with that one.

Fourth, if you're going to say that Clinton wrecked the Democratic Party, you better, as Uncle June says, come heavy, or don't come at all. Don't come with statements like Clinton failed to get more than 50% of the vote. It's idiotic on many levels, especially since the guy faced something rare in politics -- a legit third party candidate. Good luck to anyone getting 50% of the vote in that case.

Fifth, blaming Clinton for killing off the "Jesse Jackson wing" of the party is just bizzarre. Seriously, what impact has Jesse Jackson REALLY had, other than grandstanding on behalf of Tawana Brawley and other causes that are foolish at best. Oh, I forgot, his grandstanding in the bloody shirt while holding Dr. King has been mentioned in multiple rap songs. Bully for him!
If Clinton's sole achievement was to kill off that particular jackass wing of the Democratic party, that wouldn't be so bad.

As far as I'm concerned, Markos Moulitsas can take his "netroots" and stick them somewhere unelectable.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Shameless Name Dropping

Did you know that I have had lunch with Mike Hayden?

As Kurt Angle would say, "Oh, it's true. It's damn true."

I wasn't going to say anything about this, but I've had blog writers block for the past few weeks, so forgive the obnoxious name dropping.

At the time (spring 2000, I think), Hayden was an Air Force 3-star and was head of the NSA. I went out there with some other guys from my office, and we had lunch in his private dining room, and saw his Steelers memorabilia. That's about all I remember from my trip to the NSA. Oh, and my salad had some gross hard boiled egg on it. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but I seem to remember him griping about Enemy of the State during lunch. If I sound bitter, it's only because I find the NSA totally impossible to deal with, especially since he left there to be the deputy director of national intelligence.

There. Aren't you glad I updated my blog? Wasn't this worth waiting three weeks? How many other news reports about Hayden getting tapped for CIA director had this kind of detail?

Tune in again three weeks from now for an exciting post about lunch with Lou Dobbs, serving a drink to Ted Kennedy, or what Pete Yorn REALLY thinks about Dinosaur Jr.!