Tuesday, March 21, 2006

WTF, Patriots, WTF? Sox (pt 2)?

Losing Willie McGinest and Adam Vinateri in the span of a week, (and AV the day after the Sox bid adieu to Bronson Arroyo) really sucks. I have a certain amount of blind faith in Bellichick, but I don't get this. I can only guess that guys like Vinateri feel they have done all they can in New England, and are looking for a new challenge.

The Arroyo deal sucks too. I really hope that Wily Mo Pena is ready to become an everyday star, which is going to entail striking out a whole lot less and walking a whole lot more. While the Sox have seven starters right now, I'd imagine this picture will look quite a bit different in the not too distant future -- how many more years do Schilling and Wakefield have in them, not to mention David Wells? Is Mike Timlin going to be pitching much longer? And what if someone or two (or three!) goes down to injury? I had some blind faith in Theo, but that is rapidly running out (Wade Miller, John Halama, Byung Hung Kim...)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good luck Willie McGinest...

It hurts to see you go. The blow is cushioned only by seeing an article next to that one about Johnny Damon's weak throwing arm being weaker than ever.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I may be gay, and I liked Blues Brothers 2000

How come more people didn't like Blues Brothers 2000 after the first one is treated with such reverence? As far as sequels go, it wasn't the Godfather 2, but it wasn't Police Academy 6 either.

Sure, it didn't have John Belushi, and Dan Akroyd got a bit annoying at times, and some of the action scenes were dumb and the movie could have been trimmed from about 2 hours to 90 minutes (especially the car pileups and the zombie scene), and it did have a little kid sidekick, but he was pretty funny. As far as cute sidekicks go, he added some levity without veering into Jar Jar Binks territory.

Plus, there were some AWESOME jams in that movie, especially the final one that essentially rolled over the credits as well, which possessed me to put down my bowl of oatmeal and pick up my Danelectro to jam along. And it was cool as hell to see all the cameos by famous blues and soul guys.

I probably didn't have my wits about me (it was really early in the morning) when Akroyd and John Goodman walk past a pretty blonde with nice pouty lips sweeping the floor and my first thought was "she's cute!" and it turned out to be Jonny Lang. But that's Jonny Lang's fault for having such silky blonde hair and full, lusiciously painted lips that any chick would kill for. Those things must have been stung by like 20 bees at the same time. I didn't even realize it was him until he started wailing on a sweet Telecaster with twin humbuckers. However, he's at least a distant distant second to Jack Bauer on my "if I was going to switch teams list."

Friday, March 03, 2006

More Fun at Cinderella's Expence

Just watched the video for "Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone" again on VH-1 Classics, and had a few observations.

1)WTF is with the part where within three seconds, they cut to three different shots of Tom Keifer playing three different instruments. It's stupid enough in these videos when it's a few different performances spliced together, and the clothes and say, electric guitars and basses don't match from shot to shot. But having him shown inside of three seconds playing electric guitar, strumming an acoustic, and playing a piano is kind of dumb.

2)WTF is with the whole "guys in the band all playing somewhere and everyone is like a mile away from the other guys in the band" thing that happened in a lot of those videos. The singer and guitarists generally look ok in these things, but the bassists always look like lame asses. Seriously, who playes an unplugged electric bass all alone on a beach?

3)That brings me to the third and final WTF: the video ends with the sun having set, and we see the guys in the band all standing together on the beach, playing their instruments.....except for the drummer. We're supposed to believe that Fred Coury is making all those cymbol sounds by half heartedly slapping at his thighs while the rest of them pout and wail?